3D modeling and visualisation

3D modeling and visualisation

Development of the modern technologies allowed making the process of designing of the construction projects less expensive and faster. But even a very accurate drawing does not give an opportunity to present fairly what you will see during a demonstration of the future building on the screen with three-dimensional graphics.

In order to understand how a designed for you architectural project meets your needs, you should see the object before the start of its implementation. The computer 3D visualization allows enhancing the quality and accuracy of preliminary design models, you will be able to thoroughly review the facility and give an objective assessment. This will help to prevent the possible errors and defects, due to the fact that a three-dimensional model is much easier to be fixed than the existing building.

A professionally performed model ensures the quality and effectiveness of the project. The latest graphics programs allow simulating your future home in great detail, allow considering features of building materials and individual projects.

A 3D model of the house is developed after the final coordination of the sketch plan, based on the real graded elevations, taken with topographical plan, relief model is created, a general plan of the object is made with due consideration of the vertical land leveling. At this point you can see a house with absolutely any angle without restrictions and get a full impression of the architecture. Then we proceed to the final visualization: textures, light, greenery, exterior objects, figures of people, vehicles etc. With the 3D graphics, you can see how it will be looked like a particular material or object in the interior or exterior, and to evaluate the pros and cons before construction or repair. The future construction is presented to the customer from all sides and angles, every detail can be viewed at any angle, to see all the inside and outside at day and night lighting.

With the limitless possibilities of new software of the 3D visualization, we create not only the high-quality and realistic images of your future home, but also videos with animation effect, sounds, different weather conditions and different style of the most detailed and effective submission.



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