10 Most Amazing World’s Fountains

10 Most Amazing World’s Fountains

You have probably seen a popular Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas or have heard about the Trevi Fountain in Rome. For certain these two are astonishing, but they represent a small part of the marvelous fountains in the world. Some of them rotate or have stunning lights, other defy gravity. The only thing they have in common is that they are breathtaking.

Water Boat Fountain in Valencia, Spain

Known under a name Water Boat Fountain, this construction with liquid jets creates an illusion of a sailboat with the hull and the sail. If one takes a look at it from far, he would see a real boat sailing in the sea.  There are such water boats in Israel and in Portugal.

The Mustangs of Las Colinas in Texas, U.S.  

This is a sculpture of bronze designed by Robert Glen. It is considered as the biggest equestrian statuary art.  As mustangs settled in Texas, the sculpture commemorates them. A group of animals is running through the stream with fountains. It gives an impression of splashed water.


Banpo Bridge in Seoul, South Korea

Named the Moonlight Rainbow, it is the longest bridge fountain in the world. it is 1140 meters long and every minute it shoots over 190 tons of water. The construction includes 38 pumps and 380 nozzles from every side.

Magic Tap in Cadiz, Spain

To find such magic tap you should visit Cadiz. At first view,  it seems that the tap is flying up, but then you will see a pipe which is almost invisible in the water.

King Fahd’s Fountain in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The fountain is known under the name Jeddah and is the highest in the world. It was open in 1985. It hurls water around up to 312 meters above the Red Sea with 375 km/h speed. In the evening 500 spotlights are turned on to illuminate this construction.

Nine Floating Fountains in Osaka, Japan

The work belongs to American artist and Japanese architect who inaugurated the fountain for the World Exposition in Japan in 1970.  Take a look and you will have an impression that it flies.

Fountain “Tunnel of Surprises” in Lima, Peru

 It was established in 2007 in the territory of Parque de la Reserva. The fountain is considered the biggest water complex situated in a public park.

Fountain man

Nacka Fountain in Stockholm, Sweden

 Also called “God, our Father, on the Rainbow” this piece of art is situated in the suburbs of Stockholm. It was designed by a Swedish artist Carl Milles in 1995  in order to honor the creation of the United Nations.

Julie Penrose Fountain in Colorado Springs, the U.S.

An amazing structure was designed by Bill Burgess and David Barber in 2007. It has a form of the open loop with silvery-gold panels. 366 water jets link both sides of the form.

Vaillancourt Fountain in San Francisco, the U.S.

The largest fountain in San Francisco is situated at  Justin Herman Plaza.  The construction of concrete tubes is 12 meters high and has modern and controversial style. In 1987 it was a place for U2 concert.

As the possibilities of playing with water are numerous, from the sources of drinking water the fountains became a masterpiece of art. They inspire local citizens and attract tourists from all over the world.

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