10 Incredible Houses You Won’t Believe Exist

10 Incredible Houses You Won’t Believe Exist

The beauty of the world is in its variety. Architecture plays not the last role in this. In today’s article, we’ll consider 10 incredible houses that conquar with their unconventionality. Let’s get started!

  1. Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada
    The 12-story residential complex consists of 354 monolithic reinforced concrete modules, which are arranged only in a chaotic manner only at a first glance. Each block is a separate apartment with its own garden, located on the roof of the downstream block.
  2. Cubic houses, Rotterdam
    The Netherlands The Kubuswoningen residential complex “Cubic Houses” was designed and built in 1984 by the Dutch architect Peter Blom. 38 houses resembling a tree are arranged in a circle, creating a secluded courtyard in the center, and on the top of each building, there is a cube that is rotated 45 degrees relative to the ground.
  3. Nakagin Capsule Tower, Japan
    The house consists of 140 modules in which residential capsules and offices are located. The modules are almost autonomous and can be replaced if the room has decayed.
  4. Container House, Johannesburg
    The first floor is intended for retail outlets, and the remaining six floors are residential apartments. The project’s architects wanted to help settle the city center with the help of new models of urban housing.
  5. Ramot Polin, Jerusalem
    Its outer walls form dodecahedrons, that is, polygons consisting of regular pentagons. Today the building has changed a lot, as the residents of the apartments changed their blocks and made various extensions.
  6. Quetzalcoatl Nest, Mexico City
    In the north of the Mexican capital, there is a surrealist sculpture park in which the architect Javier Senosiain built a large snake ten years ago. Inside there are ten apartments that can build with the exterior color of the house – the interiors are almost completely white.
  7. 79 & Park, Stockholm
    The project of the 79 & Park complex was planned by Bjarke Ingels in 2015. The building has 168 apartments of different layouts. The blocks are located at different levels to maximize daylight penetration.
  8. Casa Milà, Barcelona
    Casa Milàa is one of the main attractions of Barcelona. This is the last completed creation of Antonio Gaudi – the building was completed in 1910. The Mila House is still a residential building, only in 1987 it was partially opened to the public – the mezzanine and the upper floor were given to the museum.
  9. Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka, Tokyo
    It is a residential complex designed by Shusaku Arakawa and Madeleine Jeans in 2006. Outside, the house looks like a jumble of multi-colored blocks of different shapes and colors, and inside it continues to amaze visitors. Doors, sockets, and switches may be in unexpected places.
  10. Waldspirale, Darmstadt, Germany 
    The Forest Spiral project was created by the famous Austrian avant-garde architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. There are no sharp corners in the building, and the windows have a dozen different shapes and are almost randomly located on the facade. The house has 105 apartments, 12 floors in the highest part of the building.

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