How much does it cost to live in Mexico?

How much does it cost to live in Mexico?

Holders of multi-Schengen, US, Canadian, British and Japanese visas generally don’t have to think about how to get to Mexico: on arrival, they put a stamp in the passport that allows you to stay in the country for up to six months.

If you do not have the above-mentioned visas – on the website of the Government of Mexico, it is easy to issue an electronic permit that you just need to print. The validity period is 180 days. Тhis option is valid only for the aircraft. If you plan to cross the border by land or water, you need to contact the embassy and, having paid € 32, in four days get a semi-annual visa.

In 2010, conditions were simplified, which increased the influx of tourists. In 2006, only 6.500 Russians visited the country, then in 2012, this number was already 80.000, and in 2013 – 110 000.



In Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, the price tag starts at € 62,350 a square meter on average costs € 1,340.


Cost – € 360-800, depending on the area, the proximity of the metro, the area and the number of rooms. A two-bedroom house with furniture can be rented for € 800, and in the popular district of Mexico City, Santa Fe, for € 535 there will be a two-bedroom condo. If you are lucky, it’s quite realistic to rent a small house or studio far away from the center for € 180-270.

Utility bills

The most expensive is gas. For a family of two, the average cost per month is € 45. There is no central heating in many cities, and on a winter night, you cannot do without a heater. In the summer it is possible to pay € 13 for water and electricity, in winter the check grows to € 35-45. In most houses there is no washing machine – you have to go to the laundry. Wash and dry a kilogram of clothing costs € 0.4.

Transport and communication

Public transport

The public transport network in Mexico is well developed: there are minibuses within the city and surrounding areas, buses between the cities. Local taxis are called “colectivo”, they depart, as a rule, from the markets and drive within a 30 km radius around the city. Fare – from € 0.3 to € 2.2, depending on the distance. The only nuance is the absence of a fixed schedule.

Tickets are sold directly at the terminal on the spot or the website of the bus station. You can buy tickets in the last few hours before the trip – there is a chance to get a discount of 10-20%. But it may well turn out that there are no more places left.

The cost of travel by bus varies depending on the distance and class of transport. For example, a move of 633 km from San Cristobal to Mexico City will cost € 38, and from Puebla to Oaxaca € 23. Consider that second-class buses are often delayed on the way because they are traveling on free roads. The delay can reach up to two or three hours, but the ticket cost is 50-70% lower than in the first class.


The price is fixed, often does not exceed € 4 for a trip within the city. At night, rates are rising. For example, from the airport in Mexico City to the city center can be reached for € 22-27.

Car rental

The most budget option is € 22-27 per day. A liter of 95th gasoline costs € 0.7. You can rent a motorbike, it will cost less – € 13-16 per day.


For daily bike rental, you pay € 6-9. The cost often includes protections on the elbows and knees, helmet.

Mobile Internet and communication

There are three operators in Mexico: Telsel, Movistar and AT & TUnidos. The package, which includes unlimited calls in the region, SMS, chat on Facebook and WhatsApp, will cost € 7-9 per month.

Mobile Internet is fast and reliable. A 1.5 GB package for a month costs € 9. But in many places there are open Wi-Fi points – it is easy to stumble upon a free network in cafes, supermarkets, and in central squares.



The largest supermarket chains are Chedraui, Walmart, Soriana. The lowest prices are in Chedraui. You can find almost everything, except for dairy products.The monthly budget for food per person is about € 180.

Average prices for products in supermarkets

Potatoes (1kg) – € 1.1

Cheese (500g) – € 1.8-4.2

Apples (1 kg) – € 1.7-2.7

Eggs (12 pieces) – € 1.2

Bananas (1 kg) – € 0.6

Pork (1 kg) – € 2.4-4.6

Tomatoes (1 kg) – € 0.7-1.1

Whole Chicken (1 kg) – € 1.8

Water (5 L) – € 0.8-0.9

Fish (1 kg) – € 1.8-13.8

Pasta (pack) – € 0.2-2.2

Shrimps (1 kg) – € 8.9-17.8

Rice (1 kg) – € 0.4-1.1

Mango (1 kg) – € 1.1-2.3

Bread – € 0.09-1.4

Sugar (1 kg) – € 1.1

Fast food

The most popular option, which is found at every step, is rice with chicken, as well as tacos (corn cake with meat and vegetables). The cost is € 2.2-4.4.

Cafes and restaurants

In large cities and popular resorts, you can find restaurants and cafes with any cuisine. Breakfast in the cafe of average price category – € 4.4, lunch € 8.9.

Guacamole – € 4-7.

Fajitas – € 5-8.9

Ceviche – € 6.7-8.9

A glass of wine/beer – from € 2.2/3.6

Clothes and shoes

The cost depends on the place where you go, and brand products. For example, T-shirts are easy to find for € 1.8-2.7, light shorts for € 5-6. But for jeans like Levis will have to pay € 55-60, for a dress – € 27-35, for good sneakers – € 55-60.

Other expenses

Entertainment and sport. Entrance fees to most places on average will cost € 3.5-5. To rent a tennis court for an hour, you will have to pay € 2.7-3.5, for a subscription to a fitness club – € 40-45, for a movie ticket – € 3-3.5.


State insurance will cost about € 27-35, private – € 270 per month. In the absence of medical insurance, a specialist doctor will cost an average of € 18-23. If it is necessary to pass tests or contact a narrower specialist, you will have to go to the clinic or call an ambulance at number 06.

How much money do you need to live in Mexico?

So, to live comfortably in one of the major cities of Mexico, renting accommodation, using mainly public transport, eating mostly at home, but also looking in cafes and regularly trying fast food, not forgetting about health insurance and entertainment, for a month of two people will have to spend about € 1.250-1.350. If you are ready to stay in a more distant place from the center and plan to live alone, your monthly budget will be about € 530-630.

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